I am jealous of other posts about Spring and flowers and peepers. None of which is happening here yet! However on the sunny side of the streets the snow has melted! The plowed, big piles of snow will take awhile longer to melt. I haven’t seen any worms yet, as forecast by this huge, bright worm moon. However, I did see some geese headed north this week! A lot of the ponds are still frozen, but the river runs free. The days are getting longer, and the sun is stronger. Heavy mittens and jackets have been exchanged for lighter coats and baseball caps. Mud has appeared in the driveway, and people have started tapping their maple trees. Small changes, but spring is on its way here.

Image result for flowers in snow

1 thought on “Spring?

  1. One thing we can be sure of, spring will come to you. Promise.

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