Cat Contentment

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There is a slight movement onto the mattress as she jumps into bed with me. My cat decides in her own finicky way when she is ready for cuddling. So early this morning she came to snuggle with me. She cautiously approaches, softly moving closer and taking care not to step on a body part. Not too close at first. She must have heard me restless and flip the pillow over to the cooler side. She gives one quick “meow” waiting for me to reply with a pat on the covers. When I begin to massage her neck she moves closer, warming her body next to mine. If I stop too soon, she circles around to nudge my hand again. Finally I hear her contented deep breathing. It may just be a cat nap or is it time for a long dream? I’m sure the sights and smells of summer fill her sojourns just as these pleasant visions fill my dreams.


1 thought on “Cat Contentment

  1. You capture the intimacy of the moment and how well you both know each other with her recognizing your restlessness and you petting her until she’s asleep enough to not keep nudging. It’s a great slice about aa cozy moment.

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