End of Month Mash

Write. Share. Give.

On the last day of the monthly challenge I use all of my titles to write a slice.

Where am I? The View from the car reminds me of Thoughts about Dad right now last night. I’m not superstitious, but Dust to Dust shows acceptance of the inner universe. I will make time for a gratitude walk. A Spring breeze will be a spark in the morning like a Holiday.

13 – can be lucky. (I’ve already used 13 post titles already!) Break.

After the break, I am cooking it up! while I practice in the kitchen. No more street food. What am I? A college misfit? An alien from the moon? I have imagination. I have grit.

After some extra vacuuming and a little jump rope, I’m not giving up, but will make a new tree memory and sit with cat contentment.

What? Snow again!

No! It’s goin’ be dark again!


6 thoughts on “End of Month Mash

  1. Many of us are celebrating the month this way. It’s been a great month.

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  2. That was a cool thing to do. I’d love to hear about patterns or a-has that emerge from doing this.


  3. It’s been a great time slicing daily. Can’t wait to join again on Tuesdays.


  4. Cheryl Reynolds March 31, 2019 — 12:53 pm

    I love this idea and may copy it if you do not mind. I also think my kids would like this idea too. Perhaps this will be a great way to end the year as we celebrate stories about ourselves.

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  5. Your end-of-month mash is very intriguing! What a fun way to wrap up the challenge! 🙂 ~JudyK

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