Street Food


My last couple of slices have centered around cooking and food, so somehow through a stream of thought I think today of my move to the city, Boston, in my twenties. I grew up in a small town able to walk everywhere. The exciting move to the big city brought many changes. Now I was taking public transportation and walking the busy streets. What was amazing was the food on the streets. Food trucks and carts were everywhere, and people were eating walking everywhere. At home I think I would  only ever see someone eating an ice cream cone on the street. Now I was able to see breakfast and lunch sold on every corner. I did happily succumb to these temptations. I wasn’t cooking at all then, the topic for another slice. My favorite treat was a huge corn muffin in the morning on my way to work. It was moist and fell apart in my hands, but even the crumbs were delicious. I learnt not to care how I looked while stuffing my face. Now years later, I finally perfected my own recipe for Yankee corn muffins which includes using maple syrup. I’m getting hungry again.

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8 thoughts on “Street Food

  1. Yum, a corn muffin sounds good right now! When there are a million delicious choices like you described, it can take me hours to make a decision. Food memories are always happy ones 🙂

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  2. Such great food in Boston! One of the reasons I love to travel is food!

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  3. Recipe should definitely be included in this yummy post.

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  4. I never thought about how watching people eat on the street could be a new experience. I enjoyed this trip back to your Boston days and the image of you enjoying your corn muffin. You’re making me think back to my early work days living in Baltimore. The only food experience I remember was trying to buy a muffin and realizing my husband had borrowed my money! Funny how I remember that after all these years.


  5. I am in NYC this week and have also thought a lot about the food. I have found the street vendors very interesting. I hope to partake of some yummy treats tomorrow!

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  6. Memories and food! I can still smell some of the foods on the street markets in Asia. Loved walking through them. And yes, corn muffin recipe would be great as I have never made them.

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  7. Street food has its own charm and aromas. My family loves the cinnamon nuts in NYC and the roasted chestnuts at Christmas time. I see Jaana is also interested in your corn muffin recipe. I have never made them with maple syrup.


  8. -Boston!! I have visited there and found the food incredible, especially clam chowder in a bowl made of bread. I ate every crumb; not a trace was left!


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