College Misfit?


I heard somewhere this weekend that college turns your kid into a misfit! Those children will no longer fit into their thoughts, their places, or their prejudices comfortably. Questioning will take root. This is where growth happens. I agree. It is the exposure to new ideas, new people, new places that young people need to challenge their beliefs. That can be scary at the beginning for everyone, those at school and those at home. But this is exactly what should happen. It is that attraction to other points of view that allow children to change, to grow.

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7 thoughts on “College Misfit?

  1. Changing and growing are so important. It’s hard work.

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  2. I hadn’t thought of it that way–making them “misfits.” I guess being uncomfortable can push us to new experiences, and you’re right; we do want that for our kids.

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  3. Never thought of it as misfits but that makes sense. I do think these types of journies are so very important, we all need to be pushed hed into new thoughts and ideas.

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  4. Wise words! I’ve got a junior in college and a senior in high school so I know what you are talking about. Nice thing as a parent, I get to keep growing along with them as they ‘school me’ on their new beliefs and experiences. We need to be open to these changes and embrace the challenges. Thanks for this!

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  5. Well — like the toys on the Island of Misfits in the old Rudolph movie — the kids will find their place of belonging in the world. They’ll grow in to it. Congrats to all!


  6. Interesting to think about college turning your child into a misfit who no longer fits their old ways of thinking… love that idea.


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