Attention Focus

Why is it so hard to do things that are good for you? I am getting myself back into this reflection mode with Tuesday writing. Gearing up for the March month long SOL challenge, and even more writing with the students in April and their challenge.

I have been reading about mindfulness and attention, Focus by Daniel Golman. It is astounding how once I start to notice the topic attention, I am finding it everywhere – in books, articles, lesson plans, tv, and conversations with friends. Its presence is relevant  to success.

I also seem to be noting how much chatter happens in this head. But I guess just noting is where I need to start.

“Don’t forget . . . I need to. . . I want . . . Don’t forget. . . Now. . . Later. . .”


1 thought on “Attention Focus

  1. It’s amazing how once we see something we notice it everywhere.

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