Finally, My OLW

It has taken awhile, but I may have finally decided upon my One Little Word to inspire me this year:


I am often(always) hurrying, rushed, pushing to meet deadlines and goals. I want to slow down, take a breath. I need to realize that not everything has to be done now. There is the potential for more – yet.

I do not practice enough patience – yet.

I am not at my ideal weight and fitness – yet.

I do not always remember my goals – yet.

I am not successfully practicing mindfulness – yet.

I like this word because it gives me hope. It allows me to forgive myself. It makes me want to try harder. As I turn 65 next month and take time to reflect,  I am both pleased and disappointed at where I am, who I am. I am still a work in progress – Thank goodness.

2 thoughts on “Finally, My OLW

  1. Your word try is similar to mine, grace. I want to find the quiet stillness and also give myself grace to not be perfect…yet.

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  2. What a fabulous OLW. I embraces potential and the idea that you are on your way towards your goal!

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