Writing poetry with students this week, concentrating on grammar and prepositions.


In the kitchen,

Among provisions and staples,

With recipe nearby,

Over the stove,

Beside the sink,

Into the hot pan,

Beneath a shower of spices,

Under the lid,

Up the olfactory canal,

Onto the plate,

Between teeth and tongue,

Down the gullet,


5 thoughts on “Prepositions

  1. I like your use of different words like olfactory and gullet. Great poem.

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  2. Great way to have students better understand prepositions. So much better than worksheets!

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  3. Wonderful way to teach prepositions. I love the unique words here, too, such as “gullet.” The ending w/ out the preposition satisfies and surprises.

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  4. This is a poem that my students will be able to get behind (and next to and maybe in front of). I love this as a way to talk about prepositions. So much fun.

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  5. What a creative way to work with prepositions!


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