8 thoughts on “Thoughts

  1. Stories turn
    in the gaps
    of the poem;
    listening in
    might wonder
    if I were alone.
    I am not.
    Neither are you.
    Where the blank
    spaces fall,
    there grows
    an idea,

    — Kevin, doing a little poetic response.

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  2. We’ve all shared time in that chair! I love Kevin’s response and the thought that ideas grow where the blank spaces fall. That’s reassuring!

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  3. I wrote a little about the uncertainty as well. I think we all feel that.

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  4. My writing today seemed formulaic and boring…at least in your desperation, a poem arose to connect us all with those writing-block moments!


  5. I applaud you for being able to produce a beautiful poem while experiencing writer’s block. I am certain we have all repeated your refrain “Why oh why can’t I write!”

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  6. … and then you WROTE! I think this poem is a great mentor text for showing students that even putting our frustration with “writer’s block” into words is writing. Perhaps “Why, oh why, can’t I write!” is like the proverbial free-writing sentence that keeps the pencil moving on the paper until something else emerges or time runs out: “I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write.”

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  7. This is a pretty impressive piece of “I can’t write.” It even rhymes! Good for you for getting it done!

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