10 thoughts on “A Slice List

  1. Scribble, scribble – more and more words appear. Connection and inspiration are valuable parts of the challenge.


  2. Comment, Connection, Inspiration – Oh how true that has been. I love your list poem. It captures exactly what I have experienced during my first SOLSC.


  3. This is perfect! I love the way you captured this challenge. I particularly love the ending. Repeat (for 31 days!)


  4. So Clever!!!! You captured the essence of the challenge in so few POWERFUL words. This is a technique to emulate.


  5. scribble scribble – yup – this is a great poem about this challenge!


  6. Love this…this encapsulates the month of slicing for sure!


  7. I love this so much! You’ve captured the challenge in just a few words.


  8. At the risk of being redundant, I LOVE this slice! I’m printing it out as a memento that will remind me just what the month has been like!

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  9. Love this idea! It’s been fun reading your blog this month! Thanks for your ideas and contributions!

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