Often I find the repetition of household chores to be depressing. I just finish washing all the clothes in the hamper, when it is suddenly filled up again. The dirty dishes are washed, when another glass shows up in the sink! So you can imagine my dismay when much of this weekend’s chores were undone.

Some of the work that had to be completed before opening our summer cottage had already been done before this Memorial Day long weekend and only a few chores remained. My sisters and I needed to wash out the cupboards and clean windows. We got an early start on Saturday, because as daughters of a milk man we always get up early, even on vacation.

It is always fun to do things with my sisters, even chores. We joke and laugh and tease each other.  Even squeegeeing windows clean can be fun. There were lots of dead bugs to vacuum up also, but before long the windows were shining. That would have been the time to go relax on the deck. However, it was too buggy. There were swarms of hungry, little flies everywhere. Usually at the lake we have a breeze that keeps these annoying pests away. This day did not have any breeze, so the bugs were all hanging around our clean windows and screens. We did try to spray away these pests, but a lot of it drifted back on the windows. The windows were beginning to look worst than when we started. The next morning when we examined the windows tons of little tiny bugs were laying between the panes of glass. We decided to surrender and leave this chore until next time and hope the bug population has gone down by then.


4 thoughts on “Buggy

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski May 30, 2017 — 7:59 pm

    It’s so special to have a sibling or siblings… I was just thinking about this the other day. How do much of your early life us connected to your sibling… great memory shared here today.

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  2. Alone, the cleaning would have been a monotonous chore. With sisters, it is a joy!

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  3. There were bugs at my lake too. The annoying gnat types. But it was funny to watch a mocking bird perched on a gutter pecking at the gnats clinging on. I was cheering for the bird.

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  4. The opening paragraph made me laugh – I agree so much with your take on chores! Emptying the dishwasher is the WORST! I think I could write a whole post on just that! Thanks for the idea and for the reminder that chores done with others is just – well – fun!


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