All I need to do!?

SOL 5/23

As bathing suit weather looms ahead, I realize that I’m not ready – not ready at all.

All I need to do is:

Exercise – religiously

Eat- Healthy

Chew- Slowly

Avoid- Extra Servings

Walk- Daily

Meditate- Stress away

Encourage- Mindfulness

Practice- Patience

Read- Of course

Write- Frequently

Appreciate- Good Health

Enjoy- Family & Vacation


4 thoughts on “All I need to do!?

  1. Sounds like a good recipe for us all!

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  2. A list for anyone to follow. The exercise line I would probably switch for “walk daily” for me. My list would also have “sleep plenty” on it. Thanks for the list.

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  3. ugh -this list sounds a LOT like me!! i totally need to do all of those things

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  4. When I read your title & teaser I thought this would be school related…I could so relate. I’d totally forgotten, until now, the other ways I’m not ready for summer. Yikes. Thanks for such a calm encapsulation of it.


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