Hidden Poetry

SOL #17 – Day 24   classroom-challenge

I am finding my inspiration again from divichos blog “Where Poetry Hides”

Where Poetry Hides:

In the tops of bare winter trees scratching the sky

In the misshapen blobs of snow melting on the side of the road

In the howling wind shaking the windows

In small birds flying to and from the bird feeder

In frozen snow still hanging from the porch roof

In the feel of warm mittens

In the smell of stew wafting through the door

In the cat sleeping in a patch of sunlight

In the kiss of a welcoming spouse

In the warmth of a cup of tea

In the weight of warm blankets

In dreams for inspiration.


5 thoughts on “Hidden Poetry

  1. This is a lovely poem. Thank you for starting my weekend with the warmth of your words.

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  2. It is always fascinating to go in search of where our poetry hides. We are able to delve into these precious territories. I can’t imagine that you didn’t derive much joy from the creation of these words. A poem that will continue to remind you of poetry’s immense power.


    1. Definitely got me thinking of how much I miss too often.


  3. So many places where we can find poetry!


  4. So many warm and comforting images inside your poem. Definitely a fertile place for your dreams of inspiration.

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