SOL#17 – Day 25          classroom-challenge

Earlier this week the tone in the classroom was filled with shock when one of the female students said they she would be moving next year. Really? Of course we will miss her and wish her the best, but the transition seems to be even harder because it is being dragged out for several months. Now hourly comparisons are being made between our school and the new school. Lots of pros and cons. Each subject examined with details. Every variance argued over. “Yeah, that looks good, but what about this?”

In our small school setting these students have been unusually close. And I have had some of them for three years. We do get to build wonderful relationships and it is so rewarding to see growth and change. I just hope this student will continue to work hard and attain success in the classroom now. It is just this slow motion erosion is painful. Is it better to know of change of coming and prepare, or is it better to adjust to change as it happens?

And as R stated, “I’ll believe it when it really happens.”


4 thoughts on “Really

  1. Sometimes the anticipation is harder than the change itself, isn’t it. When we make a decision and go with it, we adjust and move on. Otherwise we’re in constant wonder and indecisiveness. Wise post this morning.

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  2. Change is hard, perhaps drawing it out is harder. Kids sometimes have unrealistic expectations, too. Like thinking the grass is always greener on the other side. We all know, too well, that is not usually the case. I hope you do not see a slow erosion of work, either. That would make this even more painful for you.

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  3. It’s hard when a child leaves for everyone. I have found that these children need a lot of reassurance that their absence will be felt and that they will be remembered. But they ask for this in odd and sometimes unpleasant ways because it is too scary to communicate their sadness and fear.

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    1. Thanks for sharing this insight.


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