SOL#17 Day 16        classroom-challenge

I have weekly phone calls to one sister, but only sporadic catch ups with my other three sisters. And that’s okay, but I am feeling nostalgic about our fun times as a family. We had meals together, day trips to relatives’ houses together, walked to school together and watched TV together among many other things.

I think that growing up in a large family helped to make us siblings close. There were eight of us kids in a small house with only one bathroom.(A tale for another day) That is not to say we did not have our disagreements. My Mom used to get upset with us all talking over each other, but we replied to her – “You raised us to speak up for ourselves and that is what we are doing!” And coming from a large family we learnt that we had to compromise, that things change and fair does not always mean equal. Now later in life, when we have had disagreements in the family, we siblings have forgiven each other earlier and more often than some of the in-laws. This would be true especially if that sister or brother -in-law were raised as an only child or child of a small family. We siblings would always remember that we were family and wanted to be a family even if we are all individuals. It continues to be during our summer vacations that we usually spend more time together at the “camp” – our family property on a small lake. Just as I have memories from summers there with my brothers and sisters and cousins and friends, I am hoping this younger generation will enjoy this same opportunity to have fun and make memories.


5 thoughts on “Family

  1. We were 5 kids, but separated by great gaps in age. I am closest to my twin, who I talk to weekly and message almost daily. We usually l get together at least once a year, with their kids . My twin and I wonder, what will happen once my Mom is gone, since she is usually the focal pint of our annual get togethers.


  2. I am one of four. We all live relatively close to one another. The farthest being just about two hours away. Over the past couple of years we have begun to have “sibling dinners,” Once a quarter one couple is in charge of picking a restaurant and making the reservation. The rest of us just show up for an evening of fun. It is great to make it a point to be together at times besides holidays.

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