SOL#17 Day 17                     classroom-challenge


One of my favorite past times is cooking and watching cooking on TV. My husband always remarks that it would be wonderful if we could be judges on some of these shows. I don’t think my palate is good enough to be a judge, but I would just like to taste that food. I like looking at and reading about exotic food, but I am not that adventurous with my own cooking. Now I am so much more aware of global ingredients – different grains, strange looking fruits and vegetables. When I was growing up Chinese food was the only alternative food culture we were exposed to.  As our neighborhoods become more culturally diverse, numerous recipes and ingredients have become available. And the internet/YouTube offer videos and clips for step by step instructions for when my courage is ready at the same time as my pantry is, in order to try a recipe.

But I also look at some of the older cook books and browse those recipes. I am not ready to take on the challenge of replicating all of Julia Child’s recipes (thnk Julie and Julia). However many dishes can be made better from understanding some of the tried and true techniques. I also learnt some dishes from family and friends. My Dad often made the meat loaf for us and I love duplicating it. I perfected  spaghetti and meat balls from my Lithuanian aunt – she was married to an Italian barber and she learnt from the mother-in-law. My oldest sister taught me how to make great baked beans. My mother loved her desserts and we spent hours together baking – whoopie pies, red velvet cake and creme puffs.

Now I just need to learn how to make these recipes a little more healthy for me and my family. Yes, when the warmer weather gets here I can do more walking, and less snacking.


One thought on “Cooking

  1. Growing up I didn’t have much exposure to culturally diverse dishes either. I did love Chinese though and that was always our special night out. I like how you are able to make ties to all the family and friends who have influenced your cooking.

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