A relaxing vacation morning filled with time to slowly sip this warm cup of coffee. The wind is still blowing, but the sun is shining finally. Not a morning to rush outside, yet I have errands to complete today. Time to take a few deep breaths before the onslaught from within my own head overtakes me and runs me ragged.

“I must . . . I should have . . . I need to . . . . . .”

Breathe. Sip. Breathe.

The SOL March challenge is about to begin, if I can’t write this short post today, how am I ever going to write everyday for a month??!!

OK. Breathe, sip, breathe. I can do this. I want to do this. Don’t get negative. One day at a time. There are lots of topics, ideas I want to try. I love the support and camaraderie from my fellow slicers. The competitor in me will help me show up and write. So, okay, okay!

Time to get in that shower now!


8 thoughts on “Breathe-Sip-Breathe

  1. You can do this! We all be breathing, sipping, and breathing with you! Enjoy your day errands in the sunshine!

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  2. Yes, you can do this! Slow and steady wins the race, right?!

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  3. We can do it! No doubt we will have blank screen moments but we will write. We will write. The words will come. Happy Writing!

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  4. I’m right there with you! I don’t even feel like slicing today, so how am I going to manage March? Of course I know I will because as soon as a challenge starts, I can’t stand to skip a day. But still. Am I ready?? What can I do between now and then to get more ready??

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  5. You’re going to do it and it’s going to be GREAT! You’ve been at this for what… three or four years now? I think you’re going to rock this challenge yet again!

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  6. You’ve got this! I might write Breathe, sip, breathe! I love that! I cannot wait to read your March SOL posts!

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  7. Oh man, that’s just what I was thinking when for the 6th or 8th week I couldn’t get my weekly blog out before 12 on Tuesday. I’m going to have to really step it u. Good luck. I’ll be reading.


  8. I love the repetition in your slice and the honesty over wondering if you can do it. Adding the photo of the beverage you are sipping as you breathe is a nice touch too. I predict that you WILL be able to do this challenge. Keep writing and breathing!!


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