Balanced in the middle

Similar to my New England landscape, a vista full of hills and valleys, my internal and external life has highs and lows. The challenge for me is to stand quiet in the middle. I try to remember that not everything is black and white. There are lots of shades of gray. Nothing is “always” or “never”. I don’t always end up in the slowest check-out lane. It just feels that way. Never say never- that’s a long, long time. I may not be the most beautiful, but I’m not the ugliest either. I may not be the smartest, but I’m not the dumbest either. Nicest…or …rudest! Neatest…or …messiest! Most positive…or …most negative! I’m a work in progress. I think it is this dissatisfaction with myself that keeps me reaching and working. Life is good. Hard work pays off; and anything is possible.
(Been studying idioms with the kids at school. Amazing how often I can use them!)

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