Day 26

I love watching the clouds
When I go for a walkimage
On an overcast day.
They’re floating above the horizon
Like a soft, grey blanket.
I feel safe and warm,
Insulation from above.
It gives one the perception
Of being on the planet,
Crawling between soil
and sky!



7 thoughts on “Day 26

  1. Between soil
    and sky,
    you and I
    restless in the movement
    from above.
    I chase the clouds,
    dreams on the horizon,
    as you watch the clouds,
    stories under construction.
    We meet in the middle,
    drawing imaginary pictures

    — Kevin, lifting your line to make a poem as comment.

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    1. Thank you! I love your poem- inspiration shared!


  2. Beautiful imagery. Just a great reminder to LOOK UP! and take in our surroundings when we are outside. Lovely.

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  3. I love the perspective of this poem and the image of crawling between soil and sky.Lovely!

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  4. Beautiful! I loved how you captured the feelings associated with the clouds.

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  5. I love watching clouds, too. “Crawling between soil/ and sky” is my favorite line. It certainly helps me see my place in the whole of creation: small, but with an imagination wider than the sky.

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  6. Beautiful poem! I love the wide-open sky, the blueness, and the clouds. Your post today has captured a beautiful moment. Thank you.

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