So here it begins…

I am up early this cold, still winter morning and it was my choice, not a have-to. A lot has changed since last March – I retired from teaching, then became a widow. So I no longer need to arise early, but as my family always quotes, “Our dad was a milkman, so we have the wake-up early gene!” I am nervous about this challenge. I no longer have many of my inspirational occasions – marital ups and downs, that long drive to school, my students, colleagues and their antics, the rant of daily life and the harried rush to get it all done. There are not so many excuses. I pull myself away from books, puzzles, tv and mesmerizing web surfing to join this community of writers.

Write, Share. Give.

3 thoughts on “So here it begins…

  1. First, I am so sorry for your loss. I too became a widow – at the beginning of January. Makes for daily changes for me…and then not as well. I often feel like I am sleepwalking and cannot wake up.
    I am glad you are writing in the challenge this year again! It is always wonderful to see your writing. Inspiration will come from this community I am certain.
    Sending you warm vibes.

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  2. So glad you’ve joined us. What a lot of change in your life since we last heard from you. That seems like a perfect place to start. When I need inspiration I only need to read a few blogs. We will rejoice in the experiences you reflect on and the new ones you experience.

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  3. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Grieving seems to carry extra weight during these crazy times. What a positive step you’ve taken to join the challenge. I hope that you’ll feel rewarded by that decision. I’m looking forward to reading your slices.


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