A Slow Start

I’m doing my stretches and lunges, time for me to get ready for the 2022 SOL Challenge! As a new teacher retiree, I thought I would have more time available for me to be ready for March 1st. But activities soon fill all spaces. So I am going to take care of myself and set aside time for writing my slices of life, reading inspiration from other slicers and sharing comments with this community.

So here goes –

My sister who works in an office and answers the phone a lot, shared her latest pet peeve with me. “People ending a business call with Bye-Bye.” OMG! I am one of those people. Due to COVID, retirement, and my husband’s death, I have had to make many calls to professionals, departments, banks, etc., and I catch myself ready to say “Bye-bye” to a person I do not know. Or they say it first to me. It seems like such a presumptive jump in familiarity. I am now trying to just say Bye. Good-bye seems too formal.

When I was still teaching middle school, I would take out my old Emily Post manners book and we would review how to answer a phone correctly. Now a days with caller ID this may not be needed/used as much. But I don’t recall Ms. Post ever telling us how to end a call politely.

But this is not Good-bye to you, just saying.

4 thoughts on “A Slow Start

  1. Good luck with the March challenge! I can’t wait to see how I end my next telephone conversation. I think I usually say “Thank you” since I’m often contacting a service provider like doctor’s office or customer service representative.

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    1. Yes, I will try to remember to just say “Thank you”.


  2. I latched onto the fact that you are a new retiree, yet still trying to carve out time to write. I will be in your position next year. I hope all the time isn’t on business phone calls!


  3. I am cheering you on in saving your writing time! And you’re on my heart for all that red tape that comes after losing someone…strength to you each day.

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