A Mish Mash

At the end of the March challenge I use the titles from all of my posts this month to write the last slice. Thanks to you all for your inspiration and support.

March, a Mind Exercise, but not Just Thinking – instead Write-ish Notes. Every Day Is Special, A New Pace, a Short Walk as Spring Gets Closer. My New Chore gives way to Frustration-> Anxiety, and finally Growth? Chaos does not have to be Blank. Like Wind and Clouds, or Child’s Play in a Junk Drawer, or a Baking Disaster A Sweet Treat is Spring! I have time for much -ing -Remembering Kitty, Remembering Easter and Laundry Memories. The Countdown is complete. I didn’t even need my Lucky Number 13. I just need 3 Words to say Thanks. Thank you, Everyone.


4 thoughts on “A Mish Mash

  1. This is so absolutely clever! It reminds me of the country song, “What’s your country song?” that weaves the titles of many other country songs together. Congratulations on 31 days of writing!

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  2. This mish mash is so clever. I wish I’d thought of it. Thanks for all your slices this month.

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  3. Your slice is a variation of the Golden Shovel format. Maybe it can be called Gold Mine format?
    Clever format. Well done!


  4. This post is like a final bow. Congratulations for making it through the challenge. I enjoyed visiting and blogging with you.


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