Remembering Easter

The Easter lily is starting to bloom. Holy Week for us Catholics this week. Maybe this year we will be able to wear our new spring clothes instead of snowsuits. Too many times while I was growing up the Easter lily bloomed while snow and wind fell outside. It was disappointing to have to put on boots and winter coats. After shopping trips with mom and auntie, pastel dresses with new patent leather shoes were purchased. We even wore hats to church then. Hats with elastic under the chin to hold them in place. Only it was too wintery on Easter, and the new outfits hung in the closet until real spring arrived in May.

How come the Easter Bunny never left any tracks in the snow?

Now I ask where did mom hide all those chocolate bunnies for our baskets? The ritual of coloring hard boiled eggs was magical. How we hated it when an egg cracked. We used a wax crayon to write our name on our chosen egg to color in our favorite color – blue, orange, yellow, red, or green. Yes, we did eat those eggs later. The smell of vinegar still brings me back to that newspaper covered table with my siblings.


1 thought on “Remembering Easter

  1. This is such a lovely memory! Thanks for sharing this Slice. Your words conjure such a clear recollection. It is as if I were there with you. Thanks again.

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