Pros and Cons

Is there anything I would like to see continue after this pandemic is over?

  • People smiling with their eyes
  • Polite spaces between strangers
  • Time for games, puzzles and books
  • Dogs getting extra walks
  • New recipes being tried
  • Trying take-out in new restaurants
  • Extra time to connect with old friends

What do I NOT want to continue?

  • Not recognizing neighbors
  • Empty spaces in restaurants
  • Having to only do take-out from my new favorite restaurants
  • Having to cook everyday
  • Zoom meetings
  • Long call-waiting to reach your party
  • Too many “Breaking News” stories

7 thoughts on “Pros and Cons

  1. I like the reflective quality of this post. There are some good things to come out of this–different learning opportunities that meet student needs that weren’t present before, new technologies (I love using Pear Deck!), and an increased attention to our collective health. But like you, I have cons, too: virtual conferences (ugh), virtual meetings (double ugh), virtual lessons with students who have their cameras off and don’t participate (triple ugh). And hugs, high fives, going wherever we want to go without thinking twice…sigh.

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  2. I will be very happy to leave Zoom teaching behind, but I do hope we can keep time for games, puzzles, and especially books!

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  3. We have a lot of the same pros — I would add more time outside in nature and creative ways to gather.

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  4. There sure has been much good to focus on as well as things I hope don’t have to be repeated. The restaurant scene has probably been the toughest of all. But with it, as you listed, trying out new recipes, and with that, improving my culinary skills. I’m hopeful that we can hold on to all of the ‘new good’ and move past those things we want to forget forever.

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  5. Lots of great things to think about from this post. Thank you for sharing

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  6. My tops votes from each list: People smiling with their eyes/more dog time – absolutely; and n more more “Breaking News’ – FOR REAL. I also never realized how much we depend on seeing each other’s lips to “hear” each other!

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    1. -that is supposed to say NO MORE breaking news :O


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