Currently I am –

Digesting – just finished a quick bagel and coffee.

Listening – to the latest local news

Planning – Beautiful spring weather gives me inspiration for projects inside the house and outside the house.

Feeling – quilty for not exercising

Hoping – for a “new” normal to evolve, so lunch with friends can be safe.

Waiting – for the household to awake and the busyness to begin.

Enjoying – the peace and quiet, alone with my thoughts.


6 thoughts on “-ing

  1. I enjoy quiet mornings with my thoughts before everyone is awake as well. I always love this format!

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  2. Seems like so much to have going on in the quiet of the morning. I admit to spending a bit of time imagining a quilt of feelings inspired by not exercising. 🙂

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  3. This format always works and pushes us to recognize what is often right before us but not seen initially.

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  4. I love mornings, so much to appreciate and enjoy, and so much gets accomplished! Sounds like you had a full packed yet very relaxing kind of morning!

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  5. I love this writing format, and how it forces you to be present. I may try it as well! Thank you so much for sharing your morning moment!

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  6. What a great format! I love how in the moment this piece is!

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