Remembering Kitty

I really am a cat person. I have always had a cat. However this past July our cat disappeared. She was an outdoor cat who had survived her previous 10 years in a rural setting. It was there that she made a feline friend with the neighbor’s big male cat, Buddy. We imagine he taught her the way of the woods. They were both very cautious. They were good hunters, so I never had to worry about mice in the cupboards. In the summer they liked to sunbathe on top of the cement well. When Buddy got sick and died, my cat missed him terribly. She waited for him everywhere.

Two years ago we moved to a more urban setting, I worried about her. She seemed to be negotiating the neighborhood okay. We live on a dead end street with only a couple of cross streets. She had found a friend in the cat two houses away. Whoever was out first would wait patiently for the other to show up. They would meet on neutral ground, then roll around and meow together. I imagine they did lots of exploring and hunting. My cat appeared very happy and always wanted to be outside.

Then she went missing last July. At the same time, several other neighborhood cats also disappeared. I like to imagine they went on a hunting trip together, maybe across the river. Even with flyers and lots of walking and calling, none of the cats came back. I don’t like to think about what might have happened, so I won’t write about it either.

Now the mice have been moving into the cellar. I hate mouse traps. Maybe I need another kitty. But there are two dogs in the house now – a topic for another slice. . .

6 thoughts on “Remembering Kitty

  1. What a beautiful cat! I love that she made friends with other cats, and I like your imaginings. If my children were reading this, they would tell you all about the series Warriors and how she probably joined up with the cats who live freely in clans in the woods. They haze “kitty pets” when they arrive, but they take care of each other, so she’s probably in good hands.

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    1. Yes, those thoughts help me feel better. Still miss her though.


  2. Let’s stick with a vacation across the river with neighboring cats! I love cats but I am so allergic. I have to love them from afar.

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  3. I am sorry that your kitty has left on her own adventure. I hope you get a new one to conquer the mice and rule the dogs.

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  4. It’s so much fun to write about pets, esp. cats. I like your idea about the hunting trip across the river. I think there’s a story in there.

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  5. How hard, to have a beloved pet disappear. I wonder if your cat has taken up residence somewhere… they do this, sometimes. We had a cat appear on our porch when I was growing up and he stayed awhile, then went on his way. I know this won’t help the missing, though. Love your imaginings that the cats are off on a hunting adventure.


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