The page is empty,

The keys are cold,

The mind is blank,

And the critic is in control.

I could write about

  • Gratitude – Complaints
  • Cats – Dogs
  • Cooking – Eating
  • Weather – Season
  • Books – Movies

I don’t know. Instead I ruminate, drink another cup of coffee, throw laundry in the dryer, then sit and stare.

Let’s hope I do better tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “Blank

  1. You managed to write such an entertaining piece about not being able to write! And I even have a list of possible topics to write about now. =)

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  2. This is the truth, isn’t it? I like your list – maybe it will get you going tomorrow. And one way or another, you’ve written. That’s worth celebrating!

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  3. This definitely speaks to (for) me. Too bad there’s not an app to by-pass keyboard and send ruminations directly to a compose screen…otoh that way I could also be spending a lot of time in Facebook jail


  4. I can easily relate to your writer’s block, and you spoke of it simply and clearly. I appreciate that you mentioned, “the critic is in control.” That nagging voice telling me my work is not good enough is, I think, the biggest obstacle of all.


  5. Feeling much the same today. I wonder what I’ll come up with. Thanks for sharing this small slice. You are touching a lot of people with it who can relate!


  6. We all have these days. I appreciate when people share. It’s fascinating how even when they have a blank page moment, the words still appear on the page. “I ruminate, drink another cup of coffee, throw laundry in the dryer, then sit and stare.” – would make a fabulous one sentence slice.


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