Mind Exercise

Since my circumstances have changed recently and I am home as a caretaker, I decided I needed some mind exercising. The daily, weekly challenge of planning and working with students is over (I’m retired!). There are tons of games on-line, but how to pick the perfect one? My old standby has always been Sudoku. My mother-in-law still gets the newspaper so I have access everyday. The only problem is I don’t like writing on the newspaper in pencil, so I use pen and try not to make any mistakes. I do some crossword puzzles, not always finishing them. Now I have found the NY Times app and their puzzles. There are mini crosswords, tiles, spelling bee and more. I think I will look for some logic puzzles. The kids and I always enjoyed them at school. Of course I like all word puzzles, Scrabble, Word Play and Words with Friends. Anyone have any other games to suggest?

1 thought on “Mind Exercise

  1. I’m a fan of the NYTimes games, too – and I’m chuckling because I also posted about this a few days ago. I guess those of us who are fans really are fans, huh? I can’t recommend much beyond the crossword, the spelling bee & sudoku because I’m still in the classroom and barely have time to finish those!

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