Peace and quiet

I’m the only one up! A moment of peace and quiet. Time for coffee and time to read another chapter of a book. Time to think and make a to-do list.

Things change.

Things stay the same.

It is still me and my musings, my obsessions. That continuous chatter in my head.

Goal for the day, for life: Be kind, not right.

2 thoughts on “Peace and quiet

  1. Occasionally, I’m the first one up in my house. It’s always a treat! But it’s hard to maintain that kind of privacy. I have to LITERALLY tiptoe down the stairs so that my kids don’t hear me and come out of their rooms early in the morning.


  2. For many years, I was the first person up using the time to read, prep lunches, and iron shirts – in that order of priority. Curled up in a chair in the cool living room with a blanket and a good book and just enough light to read is my idea of a good place!


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