30 Ways to Write Your Slice

Thanks to Simon and Garfunkle for this inspiration.

Thirty ways to write your slice:

Make a new plan, Fran Write laying on your back, Jack

Take a survey, ask questions or even try a new font.

Read for inspiration, Write in desperation.

Construct a comic, tell a joke, something about the other folks.

Write a letter of- gratitude or complaint,

Send out instructions for who knows what – a lesson, a recipe, or how to relax!

Write a poem – free form, Haiku, rhyming or just six word lines.

Take a walk in nature, take a walk down the hall- what do you hear? -how do you feel?

Walk the dog, take a jog or just sit on a log.

Photos can open new horizons or bring back the ones we had.

Memories can fill a whole journal, pick one to share, just tell the truth.

Thirty ways to write your slice!


3 thoughts on “30 Ways to Write Your Slice

  1. I like this, can really hear the tune in my head while reading it! You’ve covered pretty much all anyone writes about, nicely done!


  2. I should save this for next year – some days are SO tough & this past week’s been a bear. I love this clever list of ideas & now I’m singing, too. I think gratitude letters may be on tap for me next week when this challenge is done.


  3. I love this! I am going to steal your inspiration- not the song, but the artists! They have a lyric that has long been a favorite of mine and quite applicable to everything happening right now.


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