A moment, sitting in the sun:

My cat circles my legs begging to be petted,

The beagle sniffs and smells and digs into the new exposed dirt.

The rustle of dry leaves being blown by the breeze,

The sound of neighbor’s chldren playing in their yard,

Is that a robin call I hear? Maybe now she can find worms,

Thin strands of green chives rise up in defiance of winter,

The sun’s warmth lulls the book our of my hand, eyes close, breath deepens,

Just a moment respite to enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Sitting

  1. Reading this slice felt like a moment of respite. Dozing in the sun with a book in my hand is one of my all-time favorite activities. It’s a bit too chilly up here to do that yet, but soon…thanks for capturing this peaceful moment and sharing it this morning.

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  2. I did the same in the car yesterday. We drove home from a hike and I just stayed in the car when we got home. I needed to just be, in the sun, on my own. Moments of respite are important.

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  3. Beautiful! I could imagine each detail. I especially love this line: “The sun’s warmth lulls the book out of my hand, eyes close, breath deepens”. Thank you!

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  4. Taking moments to rest are important right now. Do more of this!

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  5. We all need to remember to rest and to restore ourselves. This is a great reminder.

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  6. I think there will be many more animal nature moments as humans stay inside and they are more comfortable to roam where they usually do not! Love the peace in your poem! 🙂


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