Today dawns clear and sunny. It is the weekend, and I don’t want to/have to do any school work today. I need this break for myself. Perfect weather for outdoor actvities. I wish I had the granddaughters here. We could break out the jump ropes and chalk and bikes. Of course, they would want their hover-boards. Oh, to be that young and agile again. They love doing their handstands and flips.

In the meantime, I might try a little jump rope and paint a rainbow in chalk on the sidewalk. I’m thinking this would be a great evening for a barbeque and need to dig into the freezer and see what’s available. It’s always time for potato salad. My mother was so particular about her potato salad. This made if difficult for new members of the family (daughter-in-laws, for instance) who brought their own version of this picnic tradition to family gatherings. Mom only wanted her version. I think it reminded her of her parents and their preferences. I have tried hard not to be so rigid in my tastes. Maybe I’ll look up a new recipe for potato salad. I used to work with a german woman, Gerta. She might share her tradition.

Today will be a day for reflection and dreaming and some yard work, or reflection and dreaming while doing the yard work!


4 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! Glad you are going to to things for YOU today. We all need a break. We always have a favorite family recipe and no one else’s is ever the same! Enjoy your day!

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  2. It is a dreary rainy day here, but it’s still spring and I can lift my spirits by appreciating the bright forsythia out my window and the happy, upturned faces of the narcissus! Enjoy your day today. Find joy in the little things.

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  3. Glad you had time today to consider potato salad and jump rope. Worthy pursuits.

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  4. A perfect day-thanks for your serene story! I had the urge to do a cartwheel but chickened out! Though, recently we’ve been skipping in our exercise class and that is something I could do forever! 🙂

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