Feeling Old

This week while I was sitting back and enjoying a pedicure treatment, I begin to browse through a Cosmopolitian magazine. I began to feel like a senior citizen. I know, I am a senior citizen, but I usually don’t feel like one. However, some of the topics covered – tattoos, ear & nose piercings and astrologically correct sex toys, all got to be a bit too much for me. Many of the celebrities were unknown to me. My isolation made by younger granddaughters and young students has kept me away from these popular interests. And I like it that way. I live in a small northern New England community and have no need to follow the latest fads. I am busy enough living, working, commuting and taking care of myself and the family.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Old

  1. I know what you mean; I too am over 60. I am a little more “in the know” because I teach 7th grade, and catch bits and pieces of conversations and then Google them. LOL. I too am perfectly happy without the latest fads.


  2. I hear you. I don’t think I have read a Cosmopolitan magazine since I was in my twenties. Recently, I caught myself reading an article online about the latest movie stars. They look so foreign. I just barely remember my childhood stars Paul Newman, Ryan On’Neal, and Harrison Ford. When I googled the last two, I was appalled to see how “viejitos” they look, hahaha.

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  3. I don’t think that Cosmopolitan feels strange because of age. It is more about different priorities in life. have a lovely weekend doing what you like and what brings you joy.

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  4. I truly believe it is all normal, this “at a loss” feeling. Next generations are destined to move a new agenda forward as they always have. We ‘old ones’ are here to help as they stumble along. Ultimately, we will pass the torch!

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