Instead of walking along the sides of the road, now I drive these roadways morning and late afternoon. This gives me plenty of time to observe the changing skies. It is just beginning to be light when I reach school in the am.

Yesterday morning a bright blue sky was speckled with soft, white wispy clouds racing across the empty expanse. A tinge of pink creeped up over the distant mountains signaling a beautiful day. The trees were standing tall, reaching for the sun. I tried to keep my eyes upward on this clear vista because the road below was looking ugly. All that new white snow we had received had turned brown and crusty. The old rural roads are full of potholes and cracks and bumps. My poor car is filthy with dried salt, sand and water. A sky like this gives me hope that spring is coming.

7 thoughts on “Sky

  1. I like how your post focuses on where you look – up, rather than down. You choose and are rewarded. Then I was rewarded with an amazing image. Thanks for adding the photo and for sharing your view of the sky today. I’m tucking it away and choosing to see the good. Onward and Upward.

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  2. Thanks for sharing your sunrise reflection and photo. Your sentence “The trees were standing tall, reaching for the sun.” moved my eyes instinctively upward.

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  3. What a beautiful view on your way to school! You are so lucky to have that. Your description of the colors and what you see painted a picture before I even saw the actual picture.
    I live in a valley on the west side of a small mountain, but to get to school I have to drive the ridgeline and the sunrise in the morning makes me so happy. Except that it’s been raining here for about three weeks. Ha! But today, we have blue skies and I can’t wait to see what the sky has to offer. Happy Friday!

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  4. The second paragraph is so vivid. I like the contrast between magnificent nature and grungy car. Love the photo too.

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  5. Amazing view. You paint the beauty wonderfully with words.


  6. Absolutely lovely description of the sky – and the brief contrast with the dirty snow makes it that much more beautiful. Oh, and the picture. Breathtaking!


  7. The sky can be so soothing.

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