Thank you to Elisabeth Ellington & Angela Faulhaber for this idea for a post. Day 5 and I already need help.

The highlight last month was vacation days spent with the two granddaughters. As they grow older, now 10 & 11, it takes new activities to keep them entertained. They love riding their hover boards around our quiet neighborhood with Grandma and the dog struggling to keep up. Before they were happy just skipping down the street holding my hand.

This month I want to feel proud of myself as I complete this writing challenge.

I’ll be over the moon if by April I am ready to do the class SOL challenge.

One thing I’ll regret not doing in March is getting enough exercise. I am somehow finding the time and motivation to go for walks and exercise.

I want to give myself more permission to try new things. I hope to be inspired by my fellow slicers to try expressing myself in new ways.

If I get stuck, I’ll remember to breathe, relax and try again.

3 thoughts on “MARCH MUSINGS

  1. I can relate to the changes in your granddaughters activities. As they grow up, their interests change. I like the pattern you used here too.
    Always remember to relax and breathe! No pressure. Sometimes our best writing comes from a place of peace.

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  2. I love this format. I like to share formats such as these with my young writers as they too often find themselves stuck!

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  3. Interesting prompts. I read your responses and my mind went thinking. The walking and exercise are a bit limited in my life too in March.

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