After inspiration from today’s post/gift and Amy, I know I should stop waiting for the perfect time to start writing again, but I need(want) to start writing and sharing now. I have a million excuses, but there is always time for what is really wanted.

A quiet, early morning whispers awake as the furnace clicks on, my coffee cools too quickly and Christmas lights twinkle on my little kitchen Christmas tree. I settle beside the table, eager to start my want-to-do lists. Surrounded by knick-knacks, pictures and artifacts of family and life, I smile. Christmas cards from near and far brighten the pale green walls. I remember teasing my mother because she had so many holiday decorations – even her bathroom got holiday tinsel! Now I find myself having acquired way too much over the years, looking for places to put it all out too! Later I will dig out one of her cookie recipes and feel her encouragement as I decorate them with the granddaughters. And as I pack them up for the big family gathering, my heart will fill with memories of my brothers and sisters gathered at home with mom and dad, happy to all be together! It was a magical time.

I have been given so much, been so lucky, there is no reason to worry and complain.

4 thoughts on “Okay!

  1. A lovely Christmas reflection!

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  2. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski December 24, 2019 — 4:22 pm

    This post feels warm, cozy and joyful. A gift. I hope your holiday is magical.

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  3. I have struggled with writing for the last few months and feel the same about the holiday season bringing memories and inspiration.

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  4. A very vivid, rich, small-moment slice of Christmas – I could see the room, the cards, the lights, sense the gratitude and expectancy … a true sense of the spirit of the season. Christmas comes wrapped in memories, doesn’t it. I find that the beautiful things remain, as you’ve written here. Enjoy your cookie legacy with your grandchildren, and a very Merry Christmas to you and all yours. 🙂

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