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The other day, March 26th,  our school celebrated “Make Your Own Holiday”.  Imagine designing a special day to celebrate what you choose. The students had a blast. We ended up with a Teddy Bear Day, Hug Your Stuffy Day(HYSD), Dance Day and a Game Day. There was even one created by a kid who still like his classes – A School Day. This included parades with students and teachers and a fund-raiser giveaway for the poorer less fortunate classmates. Of course, here in norther NH there was a Snowmobile Day. Everyone gets to drive or at least ride on a snowmobile, maybe even race one. One aspiring actor had a Drama Day with lots of free plays and entertainment. One could pretend to be their favorite character all day. I naturally designed a “Read in a Hammock Day”. It would be incredibly relaxing to spend the day reading and swinging quietly under a shady tree. Am I looking forward to summer, or what?

person lying on hammock between trees at daytime
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5 thoughts on “Holiday

  1. Your slice got me thinking of what my holiday would be. I think “Immerse Yourself in Music Day” but I pretty much do that anyway.

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  2. How about a Smile Holiday, everyone just walks around smiling and happy all day! I love this idea!

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  3. I love this idea. I always used to read Byrd Baylor’s You Are in Charge of your own Celebrations! Fun!!! 🙂

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  4. What a great idea! How fun to create your own holiday. I might have to borrow this idea for the school where I teach. Thanks for sharing such fun.

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  5. That’s a celebration I can get behind. Now that we do the uos the cel rations at school are increasing. It’s a good thing.

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