Jumping Rope


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I got to spend some time with the younger students jumping rope yesterday afternoon. Well, some were still learning how to jump rope. A very frustrating experience for them. “Remember you didn’t learn to walk in one day either.”  It is difficult to slowly show someone how to do something physical. They all wanted to do it quickly. Jumping too high, turning too fast.

That is like most new things I want to learn too. I want proficiency quickly. I am trying to enjoy this process of writing, even when it still seems like a struggle. I want it to be easy. I want to be able to do these jump rope tricks already. I am remembering my OLW – Yet! Okay, I am still writing. I may not be a writer yet, but I am still writing. Day 27!


4 thoughts on “Jumping Rope

  1. I like the analogy of the SOLC to learning to jump rope. You’ve got this. Here’s to the home stretch!

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  2. Nice analogy. I like it because even amazing jumpers miss from time to time and there are always new tricks you can learn. This is my second year doing the March SOL Challenge, and I didn’t quite feel like a writer until the first Challenge was just about over. The thing is you are a writer. You’ve got this!

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  3. Like you, I want to be proficient at…well, everything…including the things I am just learning. I have found the SOL challenge to be difficult, but in a good way that helps me push myself to write about a variety of things. I still haven’t figured out a topic for today (yikes!), but I’ll be sure post something by the end of the day.

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