Tree Memory


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Growing up I had a big beautiful deciduous tree across the street that I fondly recall. Let me thank you now, my friend. Imagine all the oxygen you transpired for me. When I would come running up the street to the house, racing to beat the street lights turning on, you swallowed the carbon dioxide I exhaled. Your leafy arms draped the front porch in shade those hot summer afternoons. Squirrels enjoyed running up and down your trunk. Birds were always perched high in your branches. Best of all, I loved you in the fall when you dropped your colorful leaves so with my friends I could rake and pile and play with them. For hours we would rake the perimeter of our dream houses, pile mounds into beds and chairs. Imagine a stove made out of leaves!  Then at the end of the afternoon there were piles of leaves to jump into!

I felt your love towering over the neighborhood.

tree autumn



2 thoughts on “Tree Memory

  1. What a wonderful memory about a tree. I love that you wrote about the birds and the squirrels. I also enjoyed the dream house along with the leaf furniture. Sounds magical.

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  2. Oh my gosh, I love this. I learned from Myra Cohn Livingston that this type of poetry is called “the voice the voice of apostrophe.” By addressing a nonliving thing, you cleverly weave in narrative elements that reveal some of your childhood memories. Brilliant! Thank you!

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