A Spark

Write. Share. Give.

Inspiration goes to the lit coach, Paula Bourque, who shared her ideas to Spark Writing in our students. I tried it out myself first, of course.

So related to current news, here is my 6 words synopsis of Red Sox owner, Robert Kraft, and his troubles.

“Kraft apologizes for his Super blunder.”

Now a 2 sentence write:

“Kraft securely held that Super Bowl trophy high overhead. Now he appears on his knees before the fans.”

I was thinking that for my students I would need a more appropriate model. So here I try some spark writing with the novel we just finished, The Magic Finger.

6 words: “Magic Finger strikes, no more hunting!”

2 sentences: ” Anti-hunting finger gives the Gregg family a duck’s point of view. The result is a gun free neighborhood.”

5 sentences: “Outraged by neighbors, who just hunt for the fun of it, young girl curses the family with her magic finger. Turned into tiny bird-size humans with wings who find their home occupied by human-size ducks with arms. The Gregg family builds a nest high in a tree where they will spend the night. Things backfire – ducks put humans in line of fire until promises of smashed guns. Suddenly, new shots fired from other neighbors begins another story.”

Well, it is just my first try, but I like the idea of it, and I think the students will like it too. A great challenge for the ones who want to tell all the details!


2 thoughts on “A Spark

  1. Cheryl Reynolds March 24, 2019 — 11:44 am

    I love this idea. I am going to try it with my students when we return from spring break.

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  2. You created a beautiful mentor for your teaching. I want to give this a go too.

    Liked by 1 person

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