What? Snow again!

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I know I promised to stop complaining about the weather, but it is snowing again!! Almost 10 more inches of that white stuff!

So yesterday at recess in the falling snow I was distracted by the raucous cries of the black bird grackles in the nearby trees. I mean they were loud and going on and on. I did not know if these avians were more annoyed with the snow falling on their heads, or annoyed more by the whoops of joy coming from the youngsters? Can’t birds fly in the snow? Why aren’t those birds leaving? Maybe they like watching kids jumping into snow banks and running wild and sliding? I know it did my spirit good to see how happy the students were outside.


3 thoughts on “What? Snow again!

  1. I feel your pain. Last night at dinner we looked out the window at snow falling. We are so over snow! But thank goodness you can see some joy in it for the children if not for the grackles.

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  2. Your post caught my eye because I love birds and children. What a sweet post and seeing the positive of this crazy weather.

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  3. Ugh, snow again?! I woke up to it this morning, too. Love the way you wove the birds into the writing… a symbol of spring (I hope!). Thank you!

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