Some Extra Vacuuming!


My husband and I have a daily struggle against dust and debris because we have a wood stove. Wood chips fall everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, we love the wood heat, yet it makes such a mess.

All of this reminded me of my high school friend, Denise. Denise’s older parents raised her in a very clean, tidy house. I loved visiting there, being greeted by her short, trim mother in her apron.  As an only child, Denise was closely watched over. We were often reminded by her mom in her broken French/Canadian English – “Don’t talk to strangers!” “Don’t shoot up that marijuana!” Some advice better than others.

One afternoon I realized one of her mother’s tricks to win the battle against the dust bunnies. While working in her family’s cellar after school on a school project, I saw her father vacuuming the pieces of wood with his shop vac before he brought them upstairs to the wood stove! None of those pesky wood chips were making their way upstairs onto their carpets. Wow! What a genius! If only I had remembered this years earlier. Think of the time I could have saved by not having to do that extra cleaning! I think it is too late to convince my husband into doing this now!! It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Vacuum cleaner


4 thoughts on “Some Extra Vacuuming!

  1. I love your memory of Denise’s mother in her apron and especially her advice!
    I feel your pain re: wood chips. We used to have a cabin in the mountains, and the wood chips in the winter annoyed me mightily. Think spring!

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  2. We also have a wood stove and I feel your pain. We are constantly vacuuming, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. That wood heat in the winter feels incredible, and there’s nothing like sitting down in front of a fire to write. 🙂

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  3. I love the image of this fastidious little family!

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  4. Great specific details about the mom! I got a really good sense of her.

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