A little bit of conversation over heard at the lunch table between two third grade boys who usually don’t get along.

My parents are going to paint my room over Spring break, and I get to pick the color I want!

Nice! I think I know what you’ll choose. You like rainbows and unicorns. You’ll want it to be rainbow colored or decorated with unicorns! No offense meant.

No offense taken. My brother thinks I’m a girl in a boy’s body. I do like pink and purple, but I can’t decide which to choose. I love both! I love everything!

Imagine both boys calmly accepting each other. One secure enough in knowing himself and not hesitant to voice it. And the other boy willing to take this knowledge without prejudice.  Yeah!





2 thoughts on “Acceptance

  1. I love this conversation. Acceptance, yes, but really it’s the friendship of congenial conversation. I’m also thinking of his parents who give him the choice and freedom to be who he is.

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  2. What a great opportunity to hear this conversation. I liked that there was no negative judgement. Good job.

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