No! It’s goin’ be dark again!

I still don’t get this changing the clocks back thing! In March this means as the hour magically springs forward, not only is an hour of sleep lost, but it will be dark again at 5:30 in the morning!☹️

I have just begun to enjoy being able to open the shades in the early morning and sip my coffee and watch the light permeate through my yard. I appreciate seeing the outline of the naked hardwood tree branches against the sky line. It was pleasant not having to creep into school in the dark every morning surrounded by shadows.

I know there will be benefits to this time change – fodder for another slice!



10 thoughts on “No! It’s goin’ be dark again!

  1. It’s a pretty random process, and yes, it’s been nice to get up when it’s not still dark outside! I’m looking forward to longer days when I get home, though. Your morning imagery is beautiful!

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  2. I try to think that maybe I’ll get more done in the evenings when it is lighter longer… And perhaps the promise of warmth will brighten even the short term darkness in the mornings.

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  3. There are no benefits to DST as far as I’m concerned. It’s illogical and difficult.

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    1. Your photo is beautiful — with the silhouette of the tree against a sky rich with blues and purples. I can see why you would enjoy such a moment in the morning.

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  4. I dislike the time change, especially the way it affects children. I wonder what Monday will be like for our field trip. Someone is bound to be late.

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  5. Your title so resonated with me! I’ve just been savoring the longer daylight, when we’ve had it. as it’s been unusually dark and rainy here. Not looking forward to springing forward – but definitely to spring!

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  6. I too will miss the lighter mornings but look forward to longer afternoons. Summer is on its way!


  7. I try to revel in the longer afternoon light, but I, too, miss the morning sun. Love your picture!


  8. DST doesn’t seem organic to me. .. this is the first year I”m really feeling, it, articulating it, and complaining about it.

    I’m definitely with you.

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  9. Yes frustrating at the moment but the sun will be up sooner in a few weeks! Just got to hang on to that! Perfect photo!


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