Thoughts about Dad

Every trip to the grocery store while I wait and watch the bagging of items I think of my Dad. He was a pro at packing. I remember him filling the car for our move to the family summer cabin. Every inch was needed for boxes and bags of food and clothes, and we still had to fit in kids and pets. I remember Dad peering into the trunk, then asking for a specific bag that would slide in place like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle. “Like shapes together, but not a whole bag of cans- too heavy.”

My father would be horrified with some of the bad baggers I have had. I don’t want to appear harsh, but cans and boxes jumbled over the fruit and each other is not acceptable. Do they not get any training? Don’t they have any common sense? Are my “own” bags more difficult to fill because they hold more? Should I say something? No, I’ d rather muse about Dad and packing for camp with him. Happy times.paper-bag-with-groceries_gg65328484

5 thoughts on “Thoughts about Dad

  1. I completely get it, and I’d much rather pack my own bags than have others do it at the grocery store. Maybe that’s why I like the game Blokus…

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  2. I often do repack my bags right there at the end. I don’t think they train baggers. When our youngest had a bagging job, he was trained how to fit the shapes and the weight. I blame plastic bags for ruining bagging. I sound like an old lady. 😳🤣

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  3. Love the small, specific memories of your dad. These seem to be the ones that define the people we love in our minds, filling in the cracks of our memories with seemingly insignificant but significant detail. You’ve inspired me to try to uncover some details of my mom, ones I haven’t written about yet. Thanks!

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  4. You painted a great portrait in a short time. My husband would appreciate his packing instincts.

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  5. Loved this–made me think of my dad, too. He was a master-packer. In fact, our family coined the day before vacation as “pack day” for the last 3 decades. I am now the packer in my family. Thanks!

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