My musings regarding time:

T- Time is all about marking transitions. I need to know when to stop sleeping, when to leave for school, when to move on to the next topic, when my favorite lunch is being served, when I need to go to bed.

I- Time is irregular. Sometimes hours fly by, like when I am engrossed in a book or a project. There are other times when each second lasts an hour, like when I am waiting for the pasta water to boil at the end of a long day!

M- Time makes me the manager! I’m the one who keeps everyone on track. Many times I’m the over manager as I am trying to control it all. In school, I need to keep students on track, but at home my husband hates always being told what he needs to do!

E- Time for everyone, everything is a goal I hope to reach. But as I remember from a Rick Wormeli workshop – “Fair isn’t always equal” , so I will try to use my time with the proper intent each needs.

4 thoughts on “Time

  1. I like all your thoughts here about time. Wormeli is amazing! I always think about how time is a human forced constraint. There are cycles from the universe but time is all ours. I do love that state of FLOW you refer to as well. So much work can get done then.

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  2. Trying to be so conscious lately of others concepts of time spent. Thanks for keeping that front and center.

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  3. The acrostic format (is that the right word?) gives you a way to put a variety of ideas down.
    I hope you will write again about time, choosing one of your points and exploring it further 🙂


  4. I so appreciate Wormeli’s quote and what strikes me most in in your reflection is using time with intent. About the irregularity of time: I could swear that clock loses whole chunks of time in the morning – how can it possibly go THAT fast?!

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