Just Questions

I wish I knew-

Who is really telling the truth?

Can people really change?

What is the reason . . .?

When is the right time?

Why … why. .. Why?

Sometimes the questions just permeate all aspects of my life and my mind. Too many unknowns can be overwhelming.


It is the optimism of working with young minds that keep me trying. Their future is all ahead and should be so wide open for them.


The strong faith that I grew up surrounded by does envelop me in hope and trust that good will win, and that trying is worth doing.

Breathe. Okay, I can do this. I’m good now. A moment of hesitation is not bad.



4 thoughts on “Just Questions

  1. I like the questions you pose without any context. They are certainly universal questions. Working with kids does help you keep things real.


  2. Those are difficult questions to wrestle with. As the previous commenter posted, universal questions – ones I have grappled with myself!


  3. Great questions that plague us all. But scrolling through your site my eyes landed on the ‘Flip flop or beach ball?’ question-a story I had to check out. It reminded me of a favorite writing activity with my class after learning about different kinds of rocks and water sources. They had to write a story about whether they’d want to be a rock (igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic) telling about their adventure during formation and/or journey OR a river telling about the journey as it made its way to an ocean. The stories were always creative and some of my favorites. Questions get us thinking and bring out our creative, as well; so ‘keep the questions coming’. 🙂 OK…I think I wrote too much for a comment. Thanks for the inspiration!

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  4. Yes, universal questions. Questions that will be asked over and over because they do not have a single answer to last a lifetime. I like you words “The strong faith that I grew up surrounded by does envelop me in hope” because they hold a glimpse of the answers.

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