Snow fun

Recess duty.  Finally warm enough to go outside. Lots of clean, white fluffy snow to roll in, run in, dig in and jump on. I wish I had joined them. I need the exercise too. Everyone was smiling. Everyone was getting along.

“Watch this!”

“This is fun!”

“I can . . .  now!”

All these shenanigans helped to thaw this cold, wintry feeling I’ve been having.  With all this cold and snow, it is easy to get overwhelmed. The mid-winter blues has laid down tons of curriculum demands and family chores.

Okay, I’m trying to stay positive, not let the negativity take over. I realize it is human nature to remember a problematic situation, so as not to be caught there again. I am not denying that winter is long, just trying to recall that Spring will come, the sun will shine, and this too will pass.

woman wearing brown coat
Photo by Tim Gouw on

2 thoughts on “Snow fun

  1. Took a longer walk with the dog this afternoon to give myself some light therapy.

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  2. Our local meteorologist posted a twist on the “30 days hath…” riddle. He said January has 793 days. With all of the snow and cold, I get it!

    Hopefully Pux. Phil will be right about an early spring!

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