I Don’t Need. . .

Wants vs. Needs.  Likes vs Dislikes.

  • I don’t need anymore changes to the daily schedule.
  • I don’t need anymore dark, cold mornings.
  • I don’t need anymore snow
  • I don’t need anymore junk mail.
  • I don’t need anymore robo-calls.
  • I don’t need anymore flavors of yogurt, ice cream, candy and cat food.
  • I don’t need anymore chocolate.
  • I don’t need anymore excuses.(

(I know there is much more, but this is a rushed morning- not an excuse!)


3 thoughts on “I Don’t Need. . .

  1. I think the amount you used on your list is just right. I am with you on – “Don’t need anymore dark, cold mornings.”

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  2. Robo-calls, the worst. The writing structure goes along with your message. I. An see those things crossed off a list or Basketballed right into the mental trash can.


  3. Ugh, all those things so succinctly listed! I can picture you grabbing your keys and heading out the door, thinking about all these recent annoyances. Cool idea!

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