Our Fish


We are raising Eastern Brook trout in the classroom. We received 350 tiny eyed eggs from our state’s fish and game department in January.  We needed to keep them in cold water, 43 degrees and dark – like they were under the ice. This is what they looked like then.

Fish eggs


Finally in late February the eggs hatched. We had little sac-fry that fed on their yolk sacs for about 6 weeks. They could only wiggle and looked liked little poly-wogs. Finally they have fins and are swimming, so we can now feed them for about 6 weeks before we release in the wild.


6 thoughts on “Our Fish

  1. We have a similar project at our school, that my colleague manages- raising shad. What a powerful, engaging science and environmental experience for your students. I went along with ours one year for the release of the still tiny fish into the cold Anacostia River. It was wonderful. So glad you shared this.

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  2. SO COOL!! I showed this to my 7 year old and we had a nice chat. He wondered if maybe they were Arctic fish because of the ice. We talked about what a “Brook” is and then we guessed that they were NOT arctic fish. Then we looked them up… and they live here in Ontario! He wants to know what you are feeding them for the next six weeks!


    1. I got the food from the fish and game dept. It looks like grains of pepper. I only give them a pinch every other day! They sure are fun to watch until we put them in a stream nearby in May.

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  3. How cool! What an awesome project to do with your kids. Great comparison of the eggs and hatched fish.

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  4. That’s amazing. We visited trout fisheries on our Lewis and Clark trip, but the thought of raising something to release positively in an ecosystem is so great.

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  5. That is so fun! They will remember this for years to come!

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